22, tháng 06, 2023


The water to be treated passes through the lamella settler tubes from bottom to top. During the flow process within the inclined tubes at a 60-degree angle, sediment particles settle down. Subsequently, these settled particles continue to form larger-sized and heavier sediment particles. At this point, the sediment particles fall to the bottom of the lamella settler due to the influence of gravity. From there, the settled sediment is discharged or pumped out according to a pre-determined cycle, completing the sedimentation process in water treatment plants. With the aforementioned operating principle, the lamella settler plates leverage the advantage of increasing the contact area with wastewater multiple times. This enhances the operational efficiency within the settling tank as well as the overall water treatment efficiency.

Furthermore, for lamella settler tanks that utilize lamella plates, the distance and time required for particle flocculation are significantly reduced. This accelerates the flocculation process, thereby improving the settling efficiency of the sedimentation tank.

With the aforementioned operating principle, the lamella settler plates maximize the advantages of sedimentation through their design, which increases the contact area with wastewater multiple times. Consequently, this contributes to enhancing the efficiency of the settling tank as well as the water treatment process.

The lamella plates have a smooth and glossy surface, thanks to modern manufacturing technology. Therefore, it ensures that the lamella plates are not prone to fouling, and once the sediment particles reach a sufficient size, they automatically slide off the surface of the plates. This helps users save costs on treatment or cleaning of the settling tank.

The PVC lamella plates have high UV resistance, ensuring they do not age or corrode during long-term installation and use.

The installation of lamella plates is simple and can be applied to various types of settling tanks with different designs.

Using lamella plates will save a significant amount of flocculant, reducing costs for new construction or upgrading water treatment systems.

Lamella plates have a lower cost compared to other water filtration methods or products, and they also have a relatively long lifespan.