Summary of the Northern Water Supply and Sanitation Association’s Activities in 2022

15, tháng 03, 2023

The executive committee of the Northern Water Supply and Sanitation Association held a meeting to summarize the association’s activities in 2022 and discuss important plans for the current year.

The conference, held on February 25th in Ha Tinh City, was attended by members of the executive committee, chaired by Mr. Tran Dang Quy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nam Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock Company.

“In 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic and the escalating situation in Ukraine have had a significant impact on all sectors of production and business. The Vietnamese Water Supply and Sanitation sector has also experienced many negative effects,” stated Mr. Quy at the conference.

Mr. Quy noted that the Northern Water Supply and Sanitation Association, with its 127 member units, had generally performed well in accomplishing assigned tasks, promoting activities, and strengthening the association’s growth with efforts, unity, and innovation despite facing difficulties in production and business.

In 2022, the association collaborated with the Training Center of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sanitation Association to organize training programs to enhance the capacity of member units. They provided input on draft proposals and participated in the development of draft amendments to the Water Resources Law and Land Law. Additionally, the association organized technology seminars to facilitate exchange and mutual learning on water-related technologies, such as water loss reduction measures and remote pressure flow measurement.

With the collective efforts and unity of member units, the water consumption of the association in 2022 reached 830.5 million cubic meters, with an average water loss rate of 17%. Pre-tax revenue amounted to 8,550 billion VND.

However, water sector units still faced various difficulties due to overlapping policies, low water prices, and high input costs resulting from the economic crisis, limited investment capital, and restricted expansion of water supply and sanitation networks.

The executive committee members discussed and contributed opinions on the operational plan for 2023. The association will focus on organizing meetings of the executive committee and holding the Northern Water Supply and Sanitation Association’s general assembly. They will also participate in providing feedback and resolving obstacles related to relevant policies, continue efforts to reduce water loss, apply Industry 4.0 technology solutions, enhance the expertise of employees in water supply companies, and improve cost-effectiveness.

The association also agreed to temporarily suspend activities of 58 member units that did not fulfill their obligations to the association for two years and consider adding new units to the executive committee, including Tuyen Quang Water Supply Joint Stock Company, Yen Bai Water Supply and Construction Joint Stock Company, Nghe An Water Supply Joint Stock Company, and the Department of Infrastructure, Technical Infrastructure and Urban Environment (Hanoi Architectural University).

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Diep, Chairman of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sanitation Association, praised the efforts and dedication of the association amidst the global economic crisis.

He also urged member units to continue focusing on exchanging ideas, improving institutional policies, and resolving persistent difficulties and obstacles in the sector to build a sustainable, professional image of the association. This would contribute to the overall economic and social development of the country and the water supply and sanitation sector in Vietnam.

Source: Water Industry Magazine

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