Typical data related to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) in Vietnam

03, tháng 10, 2023

Viet Nam has nationalized the global 2030 Agenda to suit the country’s development conditions and priorities into the Viet Nam National Action Plan to implement the 2030 Agenda including 17 development goals. sustainable development according to Decision 622/QD-TTg on May 10, 2017 and promote the implementation of sustainable development goals in sectors, levels and localities until 2030 according to Resolution No. 136/NQ- CP was issued on September 25, 2020.

In which SDG 6 (Sustainable Development Goal 6) is set with the purpose of ensuring adequate and sustainable management of water resources and sanitation systems for everyone. The data below are SDG 6’s data in Viet Nam according to the United Nations:

Drinking water: 58% of the population in Viet Nam has access to safely managed drinking water services.

Sanitation: 44% of the population in Viet Nam has access to safely managed sanitation services.

Hygiene: 89% of the population in Viet Nam has soap and water .available at home to wash their hands.

Wastewater: 40% of wastewater in Viet Nam is treated safely.


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